Kit Customization

Customize and build your longtail mud motor kit. Choose which size kit is best for you, and then start customizing!

Member Benefits

Become an owner of a Swamp Runner Mud Motor kit and gain access to special products, membership discounts, and access to the Swamp Tribe.

Lifetime Warranty

Every kit sold has a lifetime warranty on the most important parts of the drivetrain.



SPS was designed by Songsak Sriprasertying, the man who first started manufacturing the longtail in Thailand.


Everything has a purpose on this kit, and it was designed to outperform any competition.


We price our kits as low as possible while still being able to maintain the Swamp Runner quality & performance


A simple drive drivetrain, fewer things to break, along with very little maintenance to keep things simple.


Lifetime warranty on our coupler housings, coupler shafts, and coupler nuts on all our kits.

SPS North America, Inc.
809 10th Ave. W., Palmetto FL 34221
U.S. = 1-800-515-5301
Canada = 1-941-722-3141