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boat blinds

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anyone running blinds with their sps kit? things to look out for?

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Re: boat blinds

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Depending on what kind of blind you're planning on using, make sure that it doesn't impede on the movement of the motor base. Make sure you can fully rotate it and that when pushing down on the motor, neither the base plate nor the handle are impaired by the blind. Aside from that, take it to the plug.

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Re: boat blinds

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I've had both my boat (16'38" Landau Jon Boat) and SPS kit (Medium Kit;Heavy Duty 100" Shaft on a 13hp Predator motor) for a little over a year now. The blind I put on my boat last year was a scissor-style A-frame blind. The frame was made from conduit and the blind material consisted of a combination of camo-netting and Avery Killerweed Boat Blind Kit - All Terrain Camo (**I believe I used 3 boxes of the Avery grass). The blind combined with natural surrounding vegetation, made the boat disappear. When I say disappear, last year alone I had multiple Airboats almost hit us during Duck season. This year, I am using the same frame, however I am using green plastic/snow fence covered with burlap and the Avery grass added to it. I'm still not finished grassing the blind, but I will try to add photos once I'm able to finish the blind.
SPS-Blind 2.jpg

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