Hybrid build/6.5 Swamp Runner

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Hybrid build/6.5 Swamp Runner

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Finally got em' wet. A mate and I used the hybrid plans, and extrapolated them out. Really we just used the basic dimensions and chine angles. We added in dog boxes, hunt deck, transom, reconfigured the noses for toe room, and then built blind doors making something similar to a Momarsh Fatboy DP. Predator 212's and Swamp Runner longtail kit.

When we built the boats we went the extra mile using marine ply, System 3 epoxy, and I followed the Pygmy Kayaks build instruction on youtube. Heaps better than the half assed construction methods suggested by the guy that drew the Hybrid plans up. Things like filling the stitch seams with epoxy first (100% sealed joints) laying glass on vertical pieces while they are flat to avoid sag/bubbles, or using thickened epoxy fillets instead of PL glue, that kind of stuff. There's no way in hell I'd suggest putting a motor on a boat with PL glue joints.

My pal I and went different routes on blind cover. He used a landscape type fabric and fills in with native veg, I got some cordura seconds on ebay, and hand sewed up a cover with stubble straps, and then mixed the dyed blind grasses with native veg. Mine is a bit more wind proof than his, but was also a bit more expensive.

Even in relatively heavy tide and river current, the 6.5 hp moves around respectably. The Predator motor is ok, but we run a lot of Honda pumps at work so I suppose I have a high standard there. I'm irritated that I have to choke it every time I start, so will be tossing on a blueprinted Honda OEM carb from NR racing sometime in the future. Will probably do a torque tube and intake too, but it's not necessary.

For the most part we're public land guys, and this adds a whole new dimension to our opportunity. I'm stoked.
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Re: Hybrid build/6.5 Swamp Runner

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Awesome build.
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Re: Hybrid build/6.5 Swamp Runner

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Real nice setup bubba :thumbsup: !
always wanted to build my own sneak boat they look real nice good job !

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Re: Hybrid build/6.5 Swamp Runner

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Those look really nice!
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Re: Hybrid build/6.5 Swamp Runner

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Looking sharp!

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