Lake Seminole hunting.

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Lake Seminole hunting.

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has anyone hunted lake Seminole in south GA. im hunting up there three weeks and was curiousif yall had any tricks. i scouted it 3 days ago. i live in saint cloud,fl but get to hunt up there with my grandfather ( who has hunted since i was 9 and is getting back into it and i am 23 now). we had the large mud kit on his boat. any tips would be awesome!!! i am an avid duck hunter here in st cloud and have been at it since i was 4 and shotgun in my hand since i was 7.

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Re: Lake Seminole hunting.

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I have been hunting out there on a regular basis for 15 years. 99 percent of the birds are divers. I won't tell you all the tricks to the lake. But the biggest key is scouting, scouting, and more scouting. It's nothing to see a few thousand birds a day, and also half of Atlanta making trips down there to hunt. Most popular places to put in are Wingates, Sealy Point, Cummings, Fairchilds, and Spring Creek. Don't try to make the birds come to you. Set up where the birds want to be. Some guys believe in large decoy spreds. I used to be one the guys who used to put out 200 to 350 decoys. Really half dozen diver decs works just fine. Coot decs are a plus. I usally put out a one to dozen Coot decs with about half dozen Ringnecks and couple Cans. The lake can be VERY dangerous, so use caution. Remember it's basically a 36,000 acre swamp. I had to rescue two guys last season that sunk there boat back in Saunders part of the lake. 27 degrees no life vest or waders or land near by, I just happend to be close them when their boat went under. Two days later another boy drowned when his boat capsized. So, yes it is a very great lake for hunting just be careful. I am down there a lot in January. PM me when you go. I may be down there. Are you planning on hunting the Florida or Georgia side?

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