DEAL ALERT - Bird & Buck Hunting Seats

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DEAL ALERT - Bird & Buck Hunting Seats

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Years ago I hunted Lake Okeechobee with a fellow who had a Bird & Buck seat made by Action Products in Missouri.
He used his in the boat, around camp, and in the marsh because it didn't sink in the mud.
He had it for many years and it was still holding up well. I remember it being very well made.
I looked into buying one at the time, but the price and shipping usually added up to $70 or $80 bucks, so I never pulled the trigger.
Action has since been acquired by a company in Memphis called Wise, but based on customer reviews it appears to still be well made.

Academy is selling the Bird & Buck seat right now for only $44.99 WITH FREE SHIPPING! ... 176166_-1_

I just ordered two.
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Re: DEAL ALERT - Bird & Buck Hunting Seats

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How can they call it delux when it doesn't have a cup holder? My boat lawn chair has a cup holder :lol:

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