How to Resize & Post Pictures to the Forums

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How to Resize & Post Pictures to the Forums

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The simplest program we have found for resizing pictures is called Fast Image Resizer. At only 440kb, its a lean program that's easy to use, takes up very little space, and is light on system resources.

Download it for free from Cnet here; ... 55681.html
During installation process, you will be prompted with special advertising offers, decline them and the adware will not be installed, then complete the install.

Fast Image Resizer's interface is plain, just a small square with a couple of buttons and a drop down menu. To resize an image, simply select the desired resolution from the drop down menu, drag and drop the image onto the program's interface, and the program will automatically resize the image and save it in the original folder, a subfolder, or a different folder of your choosing. The program comes with nine preset resolutions in the drop-down menu, but you can add custom sizes as well.

The maximum file size for the Swamp Runner Forums is 256kb, and the maximum image size is 1000x1000 pixels, so any picture that size or smaller should upload without issue.

In order to post attachments (such as pictures) you must be logged on as a registered user. Then go to the proper forum, and choose either POST REPLY or NEW TOPIC to open the EDIT POST window. Scroll down below the text block and you'll see FILE NAME toward the bottom left of the screen. To the right of FILE NAME, click on BROWSE and select the picture file from your computer that you wish to upload. Image files are limited to 1000 x 1000 pixels so you will need to check that the image file is this size or smaller before uploading it. Enter comments (if any) you wish to make in the FILE COMMENT field. Then click on ADD THE FILE button to upload the image file.

Place your cursor wherever in the text block you want the photo to appear, then click the PLACE INLINE button located just below the text block and to the right of ATTACHMENTS.

Its quick and easy once you get the hang of it. Hope this helps. If not, just ask and someone will help you.
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