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Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2017 7:51 am
by JD
It appears Photobucket has made the hasty decision to start charging their users $400 per year for the privilege of linking your photos to third party websites.
This just recently happened, so I could only find a few links about it. ... g.1842361/" onclick=";return false; ... ansom.html" onclick=";return false; ... ic=22059.0" onclick=";return false;

Since the short time the above posts have been made, Photobucket has already started to backpedal on this.
They now offer unlimited linking in their $100 per year plan also." onclick=";return false;

This is a REALLY big deal, because if Photobucket continues with this policy, it will leave a wasteland of dead links on forums and websites all over the internet, and millions of very unhappy customers.

Meanwhile Photobucket users should download and backup all their Photobucket images in case the company goes belly up over this bad decision.
However, DON'T delete your images or your Photbucket account just yet.
There is always a chance they might rescind this horrible decision, and restore the links, along with their customer's trust.
It's pretty obvious Photobucket is going to have a massive public relations nightmare on their hands.
If you have a Photobucket account, please email them with your displeasure.
They will likely receive a lot of fallout and hate mail for this.
When that happens, they will hopefully go into damage control mode, and restore all pre-existing links created before their policy change.

In the meantime, Photobucket users should immediately find themselves a more trustworthy image hosting solution, or upload their pics directly to the forum from here forward.