Top Hill Custom Calls

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Top Hill Custom Calls

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For sale is your choice of a Custom Mallard Duck, Wood Duck, Goose, Deer, or Predator Call. I can also do matched set calls. They can be made from Various Species of Wood, (if you have a specific type of wood you would like, I can find it) and also out of acrylic (I can swirl up to three different colors together, your choice of color/s).

The stock bands come in various colors, (Black, Grey, Silver, Gold, Copper, Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple) and come with my logo on the band ( Your choice of Color). I do offer custom bands (with your choice of Date, Name, Initials, Birds, Animal Tracks, Logos, etc.)

The Duck calls contain over-layed Echo inserts so they will match your choice of barrel (and still have that classic Arkansas sound). The duck call inserts come in Open Water or Timber and Double Reed or Single Reed.

The Goose call can be either Canadian or Speckle Belly. (Or both in one call if you tune it right)

The Deer calls are a softer, adjustable, deer call.

The Predator calls are distress calls, (Jackrabbit, squirrel,) and are nasty.

A few calls i made up for a local Sportsman show
scp pic 6.jpg
scp pic 5.jpg
A Match Set of Mallard and Wood Duck calls.
scp pic 4.jpg
Custom Band
scp pic 3.jpg
The Custom Mallard calls that are traveling with the Decoy Swap!
scp pic 2.jpg
Deer antler Predator Call (Special Pricing, You find a piece of antler big enough, I can turn anything!
scp pic 1.jpg
Canadian Goose Calls
Prices are as follow;

Call Type / Prices / Swamp Runner Special Prices

Mallard Duck / $70.00 / $60.00

Wood Duck / $30.00 / $20.00

Goose( Speckle Belly or Canadian ) / $90.00 / $80.00

Deer / $75.00 / $65.00

Predator / $30.00 / $20.00

*I offer quantity discounts and match set discounts.

*Please ask me for a time frame, I try to stay with in 2 weeks from the time you order till the time its on your lanyard! Note I said TRY!

*For custom bands, add $5 and allow 1 additional week.

*PM me and we will work up the call that is right for you!