Bearing, Coupler, Sealed, Small/Medium Kit


Replacement bearing located within Small/Medium coupler housings.

Purchase a Swamp Runner Kit to become an SPS Owner and gain access to this product. Why do we do this?

This high quality sealed radial bearing is made in Japan. We offer this bearing ONLY to Swamp Runner owners, as a replacement part for Small & Medium Swamp Runner couplers. This part is reserved exclusively for Swamp Runner customers, who already own our kits. This part is not available for inferior kits acquired from other sources that utilize cheap Chinese bearings. We know our customers, and provide replacement parts to all kit owners we have on file in our customer database. We also provide parts for resold kits, if the new owner can provide us with the confidential serial number that is stamped on every kit we sell.

Additional Information

Weight 0.13 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 0.625 in


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