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The Bayou Bushing™ is simply the baddest bushing in the mud motor world. Far exceeding the performance and durability of bronze bushings or bearings, this bushing doesn’t care about heat, sand, mud, grit, or anything else the swamp can throw at it!

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The Bayou Bushing™ is a project Swamp Runner has quietly worked on for over three years. After many prototypes, and failures, we finally came up with the ultimate mud motor bushing. We ran a shaft fitted with Bayou Bushings in a test tank we like to call the Micro-Swamp. The tank was filled with several hundred pounds of mud, sand, and debris we dug from a swamp. The shaft was fitted to an electric motor and ran continuously at 3600 RPM's to simulate a governed engine running at wide open throttle. When the hour meter reached over 400 hours the bushings were just starting to break in. We ran the shaft night and day for over a month. When the hour meter reached 1018 hours we got tired of burning electricity and shut it off. We visually checked the shaft and found no perceptible end play at the flange bushing. The shaft was disassembled and checked further with a caliper. The flange bushing lost .023 of material, which is amazingly negligible for a bushing with 1018 hard hours on it. There is simply nothing in the mud motor world that can compare to the Bayou Bushing's durability. The new Bayou Bushing is a game changer, and is available exclusively for Swamp Runner Owners. We also offer various shafts fitted with this amazing new bushing, which are available as an upgrade.
Far exceeds the performance of bronze bushings or bearings;

1. Quieter: none of the noise associated with bronze bushings.
2. Maintenance Free: Bronze bushings require greasing before and after operation, to prevent galvanic reaction between the two dissimilar metals of the bushing and the shaft. The Bayou Bushing does not react with metals.
3. Cost: The Bayou Bushing is more affordable than bronze bushings.
4. Weight: The Bayou Bushing is lighter.
5. Shaft wear: The Bayou Bushing will not wear the shaft, while a bronze bushing will.
6. Lubricity: The Bayou Bushing is a lot slicker than bronze.
7. Unobtainium: Bronze bushings and lesser bearings offered by other mud motor companies are plentiful, while the Bayou Bushing is unique, and provides far superior performance that is available only to Swamp Runner owners. To order, just call the Swamp Runner shop and we'll take your order by phone.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 1.5 × 1.5 in


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