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These replacement sleeve bushings are located at every screw along the larger diameter section of your longtail shaft. These durable tropical hardwood sleeve bushings have been used in Thai longtails for over 50 years because they hold up very well to high RPM’s.

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Product Description

These hardwood sleeve bushings are a replacement part for our standard series B-shafts that are used with Large kits. This is a replacement sleeve bushing that fits in the bigger pipe of your longtail shaft. This is also what the Thai racers use in their racing shafts. These hardwood sleeve bushings hold up well while running through the mud, sand, and vegetation of general Swamp Runner use.

The sleeve bushings are the bushing inside your longtail shaft (you can count them by how many screws are on top of your longtail shaft). The only other bushing you have is the one on the end of the shaft near your prop which is your flange bushing.

Additional Information

Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in


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