Adapter, Kill Switch


Double female bullet connector to single male bullet connector harness. 16 AWG, Tin-washed copper. Heat Shrink.
Custom-designed and manufactured by Swamp Runner Mud Motors to simplify the installation of the Safety Kill Switch with various engines.
This product comes standard with all Swamp Runner Kits.

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This is a custom-designed adapter kit to simplify the installation of your safety kill switch. The safety kill switch adapter kit has 6 items in it:

  1. Main Adapter - 16awg wire with one male bullet connector on one end with a double female bullet connector on the other. Tin-washed and heat-shrink.
  2. Extra Male Bullet Connector - a different-sized male bullet connector to accommodate multiple engine sizes
  3. Heat-shink (for the extra male bullet connector)
  4. Ring Terminal - used to attach to the kill switch ground wire
  5. Male Bullet Connector - used to attach to the kill switch "hot" wire
  6. Heat-shrink (for male bullet connector for kill switch)


Additional Information

Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 4 × .5 × .2 in