Big Block Swamp Runner™ Kit V-Twin (35-40hp)

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Our 35-40hp kit is perfect for marsh skiffs, bateaus, and big jon boats 14 to 20 feet.

Kit Weight: 75 lbs.

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Our Big Block Swamp Runner® Kit includes every part needed to build a longtail motor except for the engine.  Each kit includes:

  • Coupler Assembly
  • Engine Base Mounting Bracket
  • Transom Bracket
  • Heavy Duty 100" Shaft Assembly
  • Tiller Handle w/ Squeeze Lever Throttle Assembly
  • Two Aluminum Surface Piercing Propellers (10" & 11" propellers for 35hp-40hp engines)
  • Tethered Kill Switch Assembly
  • All Hardware required for assembly
  • Owner's Manual for assembly instructions and other information
MakeHPModelsSpecial PTO Shaft
1-1/8" Output Shaft
35hp (993cc)
37hp (993cc)
40hp (993cc)
35hp: 613477-3048-J1, 613477-0039-J1
37hp: 61E477-0007
1-7/16" Output Shaft
35hp (993cc)
37hp (993cc)
40hp (993cc)
35hp: 613477-3079-J11.4375"

*The information in this table is provided by as a courtesy service to our customers, and should only be used as a guide to help you choose a kit and match your engine with it. We could not possibly list information that would apply to all engines that are available and will fit our kits.  While every effort has been made to provide useful information, the information may change.  So, it is your responsibility to verify engine specs with the manufacturer of your engine prior to ordering.

Compatible Engines

Customers sometimes ask us for examples of engines that will fit our Big Block Swamp Runner™ kit.  There are simply too many engine makes and models, to list all engines that will fit.  The following is a shortlist of just a few of the engines that will fit our Large Kits:


1 1/8″ Output Shafts: Briggs-Vanguard 35hp Model: 613477-0039-J1 | Briggs-Vanguard 37hp Models 61E4 & 61E3 with 1-1/8″ PTO Output Shaft | Briggs-Vanguard 40hp Model: 61G3, 61G4 with 1-1/8″ PTO Output Shaft

1 7/16″ Output Shafts: Briggs-Vanguard 35hp Model: 613477-3079-J1 | Briggs-Vanguard 37hp Models 61E4 & 61E3 with 1-7/16″ PTO Output Shaft | Briggs-Vanguard 40hp Model: 61G3, 61G4 with 1-7/16″ PTO Output Shaft

Kohler and Subaru engines have unique mounting holes. This kit will not fit a Kohler or Subaru engine. Please use the links below if you are looking for a kit that will fit your Kohler or Subaru engine.



OTHER ENGINE MODELS: Without physically seeing and measuring your engine, we cannot guarantee this kit will fit your application.  If your engine is not listed above, you will need to consult the engine manufacturer, or take some measurements of your engine to ensure it meets the following requirements;

Engine requirements

  • The engine must have a horizontal output shaft. (Vertical shaft engines will not work with this kit.)
  • The output shaft must be a straight (non-tapered & non-threaded) shaft with a keyway.  (Tapered shaft engines will not work with this kit.)

NOTE: Engines with gear reduction are not compatible with this kit.

Swamp Runner®
by SPS
Beaver Dam
Heavy-duty steel Coupler Housing is zinc plated, then powder coated for superior corrosion protection.
Cast Aluminum
Coupler Housings, Coupler Shafts, and Coupler Sleeve Joints so tough they come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against cracking or breaking to the original owner.yesnono
Coupler shafts of Small, Medium & Large Kits ride smoothly on high quality Japanese radial bearings. yesnono
Offers longtail shafts featuring premium Bayou Bushings, a low friction proprietary bushing developed by Swamp Runner, and capable of withstanding extreme high temps without melting. Over 1000 hrs in a test tank with negligible wear. This bushing just doesn’t care what you throw at it.yesnono
Longer tiller handle designed to operate while standing up or sitting down, with position holes drilled in the handle, and locking bolts that prevent the handle from twisting in the mounting rings. yesnono
Squeeze type throttle lever that has the full throttle travel of your engine.yesnono
Stainless throttle cable that resists corrosion.yesnono
High quality sealed Japanese bearings in the gimbal mount for smooth, fluent handling of the longtail mud motor.yesnono
Gobs of shaft options to choose from: 5 different longtail shafts lengths varying from a 75" to 120" in length, Along with 4 different shaft options; Standard, Extreme Duty, Saltwater Extreme Duty, and Racing shafts.yesnono
Loads more propeller options than any other mud motor company. With more than 50 different props available including standard props, weedless props, performance props, stainless props, racing props, and even props that come with a .25" bore so you can tap it yourself!yesnono
The Weedless Skeg on Small, Medium and Large kits has a longer entry angle that repels vegetation and slides over logs easier.yesnono
First & only Thai longtail company to offer a Weed Cutter option that can be bolted directly to the weedless skeg using predrilled mounting holes.yesnono
A full time mud motor company offering knowledgeable support from over two decades of experience with Thai longtails in both Thailand and the USA.
Access to an active forum where customers enjoy learning about their longtail, and interacting with other owners and people who KNOW Thai longtails.
Access to numerous parts you can't get anywhere else.

Additional Information

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 19 × 7.5 in


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