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Large Swamp Runner Box (Subaru V-Twin)


Our 20.5-40 HP kit is perfect for marsh skiffs, bateaus, and jon boats 16 to 20 feet.

Kit Weight: 78 lbs.

Ships Fedex Ground in Two Parcels – Signature Required

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SKU: 40kt80v
SKU: 40kt80v

Product Description

Our LargeSwamp Runner™ Mud Motor Kit includes every part needed to build a longtail motor except for the engine.  Each kit includes:

  • Coupler Assembly
  • Tethered Kill Switch Assembly
  • Stainless Steel Tiller Handle w/ Squeeze Lever Throttle Assembly
  • Heavy Duty 100″ Shaft Assembly
  • Engine Base Mounting Bracket
  • Transom Bracket
  • All Hardware required for assembly
  • Two Aluminum Surface Piercing Propellers (9″ & 9.5″ for 20.5hp-28hp engines / 9.5 & 10″ propellers for 35hp-40hp engines)


Compatible Engines

Customers sometimes ask us for examples of engines that will fit our Large Swamp Runner™ kit.  There are simply too many engine makes and models, to list all engines that will fit.   We suggest you research the following Subaru Engine Models, to find a configuration that will fit our kit;

  • EH64: 20.5hp
  • EH65: 22hp
  • EH72: 25-28hp
  • EH90: 35hp
  • EH99: 40hp

Without physically seeing and measuring your engine, we cannot guarantee this kit will fit your application.  Consult the engine manufacturer, or take some measurements of your engine to ensure it meets the following requirements;

Engine requirements

  • The engine must have a horizontal output shaft.
  • The output shaft must be: 1.125″ or 1.4375 inch (non-tapered) with keyway
  • The engine side cover bolt circle diameter must be: 5″ inches
  • Engine base bolt pattern must be: 8.3” X 3.5″

NOTE: All engines with gear reduction are not compatible with this kit.

Additional Information

Weight 50 lbs

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