Propeller, Performance, T-83, 8.375″x5


Increased performance for hauling heavy loads.

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Diameter = 8.375"

Pitch = 5

Rake = 9

The T-83 was added to the Swamp Runner prop collection in March of 2023. This prop was designed for those who haul heavy loads with their Medium Swamp Runner Kit. This T-83 prop has the same pitch as our standard 8.5" prop but has more rake, longer ears, and a smaller diameter. So if you normally haul with an 8 or 8.5 standard prop, give the T-83 a try. This is a unique prop that can only be found at Swamp Runner and is available exclusively to Verified Swamp Runner Owners.

We do not guarantee performance due to the variance of different hull designs, engine torque, engine horsepower, RPM’s, and total weight. Once the prop tag is removed from the prop, it is considered used and can no longer be returned or exchanged. If you would like to purchase or sell a used prop, consider posting in a longtail Facebook group or on our form. If you have any questions or hesitations before ordering, please call, message us on social media, or send us an email.

Available exclusively to Swamp Runner Owners.

Additional Information

Weight 0.67 lbs
Dimensions 8.375 × 4.25 × 3 in


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