Small Swamp Runner Kit (3.5-7hp)

From: $449.00

This small longtail kit is perfect for small jon boats with a transom height of 15″ or less for optimum shaft angle.

Kit Weight: 46 lbs.

The Predator 212 (6.5hp) & Honda GX200 are the most used engines with this kit. Please use the tab below for more compatibility details.

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Our Small Swamp Runner Kit includes every part needed to build a longtail mud motor except for the engine.

Each kit includes:
  • Coupler Assembly
  • Tethered Kill Switch Assembly & Adapter
  • Tiller Handle
  • Duckbill Throttle Assembly & Grip
  • 85" Shaft Assembly or 100" Shaft Assembly
  • Engine Base Mounting Bracket
  • Transom Bracket
  • All hardware required for assembly.
  • Comes standard with (2) Aluminum Surface Piercing Propellers
  • Owner's Manual for assembly instructions and other information


Additional Info

You can view performance stats submitted by verified Small Swamp Runner Kit owners at the link below.
Customer Performance Stats -
As a result, this will show the engine sizes the small kit was installed on, the kind of boat the mud motor was put on, along with the weight, speed, propeller, and RPMs reached.

Most people put the SPS Swamp Runner Small Kit (46lbs) with the 6.5hp Predator Engine (37.5lbs) - This setup will total just under 85lbs.

Small flat bottom jon boats seem to be the popular go to for this kit.
For example, User: JD reached 31-mph in a 10' jon boat with a modified 196cc Honda engine spinning 7500 RPMs with the 5.5" stock prop.
However, most customers use a stock 212cc predator and put it on a 1232 or 1236 jon boat and achieve a speed of around 12 to 14 mph with one to two people.

In addition, if you want a little more power, take a look at our SPS Medium Swamp Runner Kit (57lbs) which is normally paired with a 13hp Predator engine (73lbs) totaling just 130-lbs.

Customer Videos -

  • YouTube -

Customers often ask for examples of engines that will fit our Small Swamp Runner™ kit.  There are simply too many engine makes and models, to list all that will fit.  The following is a short list of just a few of the engines that will fit this kit:

BE Powerease7hp (210cc)85.570.070
BPS6.5hp (196cc)Chinese clone
Briggs - Vanguard6.5hp (196cc)
6.5hp (205cc)
6.5hp (208cc)
Many 550 thru 950 Series, Intek, Vanguard & other models too numerous to list.
Measure your engine using the Engine Requirements listed below this table.
Carroll Stream Engines5.5hp (163cc)
6.5hp (196cc)
7hp (212cc)
5.5hp: CS165 & CS168ES
6.5hp: CS168 & CS168ES
7hp: CS170,
Champion4.3hp (196cc)100118
Ducar6.5hp (196cc)
6.5ph (212cc)
Chinese clone
Harbor Freight: PredatorAll 6.5hp (212cc)
6.6hp (224cc)
GHOST (212cc)
#60363, #69730, #69727,
Home Depot: Lifan6.5hp (196cc)LF168F-2BQ, LF168F-2BDQ
Honda5.5hp GX160 (160cc)
6.5hp GX200 (196cc)
Numerous engines with a "Q" Type shaft
Identified by a "Q" in the last 4 digits of the model number
A few examples:
5.5hp: GX160UT1QX2, GX160UT1QXP2, GX160UT1QXC9
6.5hp: GX200UTXQ2, GX200UT2QX2, GX200UT2QG2
LCT5hp (179cc)
5.5hp (208cc)
6hp (223cc)
CMXX 179
CMXX 223
Kohler6.5hp (196cc)
7hp (208cc)
6.5hp: SH265-0011
7hp: CH270-0103, CH270-3011, CH270-3031, CH270-3105
Titan6.5hp (196cc)
Duromax?hp (212cc)
While these Durmax models will fit our kit, we do not recommend them because customers have had too much trouble with them.
196cc: TPP-196RS, 196RKIT

*The information in this table is provided by as a courtesy service to our customers, and should only be used as a guide to help you choose a kit and match your engine with it. We could not possibly list information that would apply to all engines that are available and will fit our kits.  While every effort has been made to provide useful information, the information may change.  So, it is your responsibility to verify engine specs with the manufacturer of your engine prior to ordering.

Engine requirements

Without physically seeing and measuring your engine, we cannot guarantee this Swamp Runner™ kit will fit your application.  If your engine is not listed above, you will need to consult your engine manufacturer/local engine dealer, or simply take some measurements of your engine to ensure it meets the following requirements;

  • The engine must have a horizontal output shaft.
  • The output shaft must be 3/4 inch (19.05mm) diameter (non-tapered) with keyway.
  • The engine side cover bolt circle diameter must be: 3 5/8 inches (92.08mm)
  • Engine base bolt pattern must be: 6 3/8” X 3 1/8” (161.93mm X 79.38mm)

*Make certain you check the specifications for whatever engine brand you plan to use to ensure the shaft size, engine base, and bolt circle patterns match, because the cost of return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. We do our very best to provide a detailed and accurate description of our products. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call and ask before purchasing.

NOTE: Engines with tapered or threaded PTO shafts & engines with gear reduction box options are not compatible with this kit.

Swamp Runner®
by SPS
Beaver Dam
Heavy-duty steel Coupler Housing is zinc plated, then powder coated for superior corrosion protection.
Cast Aluminum
Coupler Housings, Coupler Shafts, and Coupler Sleeve Joints so tough they come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against cracking or breaking to the original owner.yesnono
Coupler shafts of Small, Medium & Large Kits ride smoothly on high quality Japanese radial bearings. yesnono
Offers longtail shafts featuring premium Bayou Bushings, a low friction proprietary bushing developed by Swamp Runner, and capable of withstanding extreme high temps without melting. Over 1000 hrs in a test tank with negligible wear. This bushing just doesn’t care what you throw at it.yesnono
Longer tiller handle designed to operate while standing up or sitting down, with position holes drilled in the handle, and locking bolts that prevent the handle from twisting in the mounting rings. yesnono
Squeeze type throttle lever that has the full throttle travel of your engine.yesnono
Stainless throttle cable that resists corrosion.yesnono
High quality sealed Japanese bearings in the gimbal mount for smooth, fluent handling of the longtail mud motor.yesnono
Gobs of shaft options to choose from: 5 different longtail shafts lengths varying from a 75" to 120" in length, Along with 4 different shaft options; Standard, Extreme Duty, Saltwater Extreme Duty, and Racing shafts.yesnono
Loads more propeller options than any other mud motor company. With more than 50 different props available including standard props, weedless props, performance props, stainless props, racing props, and even props that come with a .25" bore so you can tap it yourself!yesnono
The Weedless Skeg on Small, Medium and Large kits has a longer entry angle that repels vegetation and slides over logs easier.yesnono
First & only Thai longtail company to offer a Weed Cutter option that can be bolted directly to the weedless skeg using predrilled mounting holes.yesnono
A full time mud motor company offering knowledgeable support from over two decades of experience with Thai longtails in both Thailand and the USA.
Access to an active forum where customers enjoy learning about their longtail, and interacting with other owners and people who KNOW Thai longtails.
Access to numerous parts you can't get anywhere else.

Additional Information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 16.5 × 17.5 × 7 in


20 reviews for Small Swamp Runner Kit (3.5-7hp)

  1. Wes R (verified owner)

    I wanted to thank you again. With the small kit, I own the Shenandoah river. Yea, people float some parts of it and when it’s high, you see a few jet boats where you don’t usually see them. Unless it’s super low I run almost all of it and some tributaries. Anyhow, the wife and I discovered this water fall in the side of a mountain that I don’t think a lot of people know about. I have had to straighten and repair the the hull a few times but the look on their faces when we plane by is priceless. Thanks for keeping the parts available.

  2. Anthony D (verified owner)

    I must say that I am completely satisfied with the mud motor kit I had purchased from you earlier this year! Your product has far exceeded my expectations. This motor has made it a breeze for me to access the backwoods lakes and ponds that I love to fish and hunt.

  3. Don S (verified owner)

    Summer is coming here in Ohio. I have one of your small kits and I love it. .276 lift cam, 27 lbs springs, chrome moly push rods, billet rockers, honda flat top piston, reamed alky carb, billet flywheel and rod (arc), stainless valves with billet retainers, 12 degree timing, milled head, one inch tuned kart header. It sounds great and runs smooth with your kit on it. I would like to also buy a bigger kit for a 16hp motor.

  4. Don C (verified owner)

    I was doubtful that this was a practical boat motor. But when my 40 year old 9.8 Mercury kicked the bucket I had to look into a replacement. My choices were small. Replace it with a new motor for $2100 dollars, or get another old motor and throwing a ton money in it every year to keep it going, and with parts starting to be hard to find. One of my coworkers offered to let me try his Swamp Runner mud motor. I gave it a try and WOW it really worked well with my 14′ jonboat … I was so impressed with the simplicity of the setup. You sell a great product and I can’t wait to get it in. To think what I have in it is about the same amount of cash I would have payed for a used motor saving me $1500 or so dollars. Thanks

  5. Hunter A (verified owner)

    You guys put out one heck of a product! I love my Swamp Runner!

  6. Todd H (verified owner)

    I just wanted to say thanks for selling a great product at a fair price. I have really enjoyed my Swamp Runner longtail. I got the kit for the 6.5 Predator and I’m running it on a 12 ft Sea Nymph boat. I have put it to the test while smallmouth fishing in the rocky hydrilla filled waters of the Staunton River here in VA. I have been able to access all kind of spots that were only accessible before with long trips by kayak. I have a bunch of people interested in your product and I love all the looks and questions I get on the water. I always recommend yall and tell how the customer service is top notch.

  7. Elliot R (verified owner)

    My small Swamp Runner works great. I’m glad I went with SPS. I’ve been changing the minds of the serious “American mud motor” guys every time I launch. The benefit of the prop angle is evident right away. I passed a guy with a surface drive twice the size of the small kit. I also really appreciate how well the kit is made. I have taken it places most boats just can’t go, and I’ve put it through the paces scouting new duck spots. It has proven to be bullet proof. Sand, gravel, rocks, brush, clay bottom, silt, millfoil, coons tail, reed canary grass, bull rush, arrowhead, lily it just plain doesn’t matter the kit doesn’t break

  8. Andrew G (verified owner)

    Just received my small kit and assembled it using a Predator 212 with intake/exhaust/jet kit, and the thing is awesome. I’m plowing through matted hydrilla and getting to duck holes i couldn’t reach with an outboard. I look forward to seeing how far back in the wooly swamp i can get!

  9. Justin S (verified owner)

    Hello! Just wanted to drop a note and say how very pleased I am with my Small motor kit I have purchased. The kit arrived very quickly and in excellent condition. I immediately began piecing it together. The instructions were very clear and I had it together in about 2hrs, even though I have very minimum mechanical skills. We just took the boat out yesterday to test the motor. Everything worked better than expected! With my wife and I…and our 3 children, the kit, using a Predator 212 engine, was pushing my 14ft semi v-hull an average of 11MPH upstream. The kit performed flawlessly! Thanks for a great product!

  10. Jacob B (verified owner)

    Damn boys, you weren’t joking about heavy duty parts! I got my kit today after ordering three days ago. Very, very, happy. The pictures on you site don’t do justice to how well they are made and how heavy duty they are. Can’t wait to get this on the back of my canoe. Thank you.

  11. Jonathan S (verified owner)

    I just bought a Small kit with a Predator 212 motor, running on a very light weight 12 ft Jon boat. It’s perfect for what I need. I was very surprised by the speed of this thing. It’s faster than a 6hp outboard I had on the boat.”

  12. Andrew U (verified owner)

    Used your small kit picking up people that were flooded in by hurricane Harvey. We cut across shallow areas and sidewalks where others could not, went over the top of submerged cars that outboards were getting hung up on and destroying props, saw rescue teams in zodiacs with their outboards getting hung up in bushes and fences. After using mine for 48 hours without one issue getting people out of attics and off rooftops I think every urban rescue team should have your kits at their disposal.

  13. Chris C (verified owner)

    After a little over a year of using mine on a 7hp, I have, and would recommend these to all duck hunters. I tried going to a spot I normally hunted last season with a conventional 9.9 and spent more time dealing with weeds and the shallow bottom, than I did dealing with my duck blind. A Swamp Runner is a must have for avid duck hunters.

  14. John N (verified owner)

    I purchased a small kit with the stainless shaft about a year and a half ago and love it! I run fresh, brackish and some salt water. Have it on a 15′ Discovery Sport and that thing has gotten me through the most weed choked shallow portions of river I can imagine. Additionally I’ve been able to drive my canoe over fallen trees, trash and whatever else is in the way. Honestly the only thing that slows me down is answering peoples questions about my motor setup.

  15. David C (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my purchase! Wish I would have purchased one of these years ago. Best season in 15 years, and the Swamp Runner had a lot to do with our success

  16. Riley E (verified owner)

    Out using the Swamp Runner on the Colorado River in La Grange, TX! Owned y’alls kit for two years now and loving it

  17. Gene K. (verified owner)

    I honestly can’t say enough good things about the SPS/Swamp Runner kit. I bought a small kit to use with a Predator 212 and the rest is history. I beat mine like a rented mule and it has yet to let me down. The only issues I’ve ever had were motor related and had noting to do with the products Swamp Runner sells. I highly recommend buying a variety of propellers in different sizes or at the least one spare for the boat, thank me later.

  18. kylefbooth (verified owner)

    I ordered the small Swamp Runner Kit and Salt Water shaft on a Tuesday and was delivered that Friday. The digital installation guide is very helpful. This and the Youtube videos made by the community, I was able to get on the water the following weekend with no issues. Can’t wait to try it out in the marsh! Highly recommended even if you have limited mechanical skills.

  19. Daniel Davis (verified owner)

    got the A100 Shaft on a 1248 V hull. Paired it with a Wildcat 223 with a mild build on it. Nothing crazy probably 10 horse. With the 6.5″ Hurricane prop it pushes the boat 21.5mph at 5000rpm. Ended up doing a Bayou Bushing too in the end. Worth the upgrade..

    Gunna build a faster one when i can afford it. 10/10 would reccomend.

  20. Christiano costa (verified owner)

    Solid kit, easy to assembly, good instructions, all the metal parts are thick and heavy duty. this is my first time messing with a mud motor or long tails. the handling is different from an outboard but pretty quick to get used to. I recommend to add a motorcycle bar end to help with the vibration on the tiller. i got the A85 shaft, it matches perfectly my short transom jon boat, when idling the shaft will be pushing down, with a little acceleration the prop starts to come up ny itself, when you squeeze it and let it go the prop will seat right where it should on the top of the wake. after the boat goes on plane the handling is light and smooth. I’m pretty happy with the kit.

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