Due to his skill at catching poachers, Jon was eventually reassigned to a special investigative unit, where he worked both plain clothes and undercover operations targeting the more serious resource violators. In 1997 Jon was promoted to Lieutenant and served out the remainder of his career as a shift commander over Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

Life just got a whole lot more interesting for us at Swamp Runner Mud Motors.

After serving 25 years with the Florida Marine Patrol and Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission, Lieutenant Jon Dobbs retired today.

He entered the Florida Marine Patrol Academy Class #15 on Nov. 5th, 1990 and was later assigned to Manatee County as a uniformed marine patrolman before the days of computers, cell phones, taser’s, or pepper spray.


One of Jon’s notable achievements was designing the FWC badge, which is proudly worn today by every FWC officer, and displayed on all patrol vehicles, swamp buggies, boats, and aircraft patrolling the vast wilds of Florida.

When asked how he felt about hanging up the gunbelt, he replied, “It’s been a grand ride.  Today was my last day on the job, and I felt just as privileged to be a part of it all as I did the very first day I started.  The FWC is a brotherhood like no other.  I feel very fortunate to have reached retirement because some of my fellow officers didn’t. Some were killed in the line of duty. I will never forget them, or my brothers and sisters who continue to serve and protect. Now it’s time to open another exciting chapter in life. I’m looking forward to pursuing my favorite pastime…Thai longtails.”

At Swamp Runner Mud Motors, we are also looking forward to having Jon’s expertise at the helm full time.  From here on out its wide-open throttle at Swamp Runner!