Swamp Runner Customers Come First!

At Swamp Runner Mud Motors, we value our loyal customers. That’s why those who purchase an SPS Swamp Runner Mud Motor kit get access to accessories, parts, and tools that the public cannot purchase. Why do we limit access to Swamp Runner Owners?

Here’s just one example we see far too often.

Why own a mud motor you can’t get props for? Whether it’s mismanagement, poor planning, or supply chain issues, all too often we see other companies who cannot provide parts, props, or kits for their customers.

We don’t believe that our loyal customers should suffer from a product being out of stock due to being bought up by other individuals who do not own a Swamp Runner but need parts or props for some other brand.

We also don’t believe in supporting other mud motor brands at the expense of our time, effort, and our customers’ investment in our business.

At Swamp Runner, we will always put our customers first. We work hard to keep our kits, parts, and tools in stock and readily available to our customers.

We will always put the needs of Swamp Runner owners ahead of those who do not own one.

Verified Swamp Runner Owners get exclusive access to specialized parts, props, and tools that we developed, which are not available anywhere else.


Bayou Bushing

1,000+ Hour Proprietary Bushing that was formulated by Swamp Runner, and available exclusively to our customers.
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Duckbill Throttle Lever

A solid stainless steel throttle lever designed by Swamp Runner. This lever is shaped like the bill of a Mallard drake.
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Weedless Prop

A true weedless prop that was designed and developed by Swamp Runner. One of the smoothest running and fastest weedless props out there.
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Treat yourself to a Swamp Runner Mud Motor Kit and gain access to a plethora of accessories, parts, and tools, and know you’ll be taken care of. A verified Swamp Runner Owner also gets a discount on all standard props, stainless props, and many other parts. Why wait for an inferior mud motor kit that’s often out of stock and sold by resellers who know little about Thai longtails, only to later learn the support is lacking and you can’t get parts or props for it? Get treated right, purchase a Swamp Runner.